comment réparer un écran de téléphone ?

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comment réparer un écran de téléphone ?

comment réparer un écran de téléphone ?


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  1. This stuff does NOT last, I used 50,000 Grit diamond powder and dremel with a polishing pad on it, dripped 3 in one oil on the pad, then dabbed the diamond powder on the pad and polished out my few scratches, including one I had right in front of the camera lens on the phone!…. came clear out, just polish at a slow to medium speed for a few minutes moving it around the scratch and back an forth over it, not staying in one spot…. just keep it moving, I had what looked like a perfect outcome!

  2. FYI.. Just thought U should know that there R many different strains of nail polish. Some have nylon fibers and some have a gel as some do not have either .. Some require a UV light to cure and some do not… Therefore I thought U should know .. Maybe U would like to try each type to compare the differences ! Good luck and thank U 4 ur videos .

  3. I got this phone last 2020 Christmas and I already cracked it servery bad last year if u turned it on it looked like what u see on cartoon tvs you know with all the colours and static but my dad got it fixed for me for £90 because he knew someone but i literally just 15 minuted ago cracked it again not as bad but it's pretty bad and I'm scared I want a clear phone but my dad already got it fixed for me last time and now I'll feel guilt about it if I ask because if he does it when he is mad at me he will probably bring it up and I will feel very bad but I don't think he will get it fixed for me again I don't know I'll update pls someone like so I can remember and update on friday

  4. Hi Trent!
    Now i looking your video on You Tube.
    My mobile phone recently fall up on the floor and on phone have crack's. On middle screen telephone, down screen… Another side there is nor big cracks. Please advice me… how do you done this is perfect work? Can you advice me?


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