comment réparer un écran de téléphone ?

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++ Samsung s20, s20 plus, 20 ultra often have blue stripes on the screen, white screen, we repair samsung screen errors, this is …


comment réparer un écran de téléphone ?

comment réparer un écran de téléphone ?


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  1. From Indonesia, some fix works for me

    Bought second really good, clean & okay s20+ for around 5 Juta idr ($310) , show always on display I set off to make it have better battery life, then go to sleep and.. Tomorrow … suddenly flick every half an hour or more or even less. Randomly

    So i
    Update… Still error even change settings to lower res and frequency

    Then updated security or whatever it's,
    I set show display on, , show clock always.

    It helps to solver the problem

    Found this solutions from Samsung forum as many complaining there about this.

    After long, I don't show the clock. Still fine, but honestly…

    I prefer s10+ seems less problem in screen at all, even other phone as that cheaper redmi, realme I use doesn't has this… Heart attack problem..

    I hope this helps. And I hope this fix will be forever okay for each of us.. As that this phone is really expensive if bought new..


  2. This has just happened to my S20 Ultra, if I can try and get it fixed, great, but will later look for a new phone. What brand to people recommend? I really do like the camera and photo quality of the S20 Ultra, so would be looking for a phone with similar camera quality. And have people with this issue that have had their phone repaired, lost any data?

  3. Just got the white screen issue too. I bet Samsung does it on purpose to force you to upgrade to their new phone. My S7 died around the same time but had a different issue (motherboard failure), S9+ screen issue also and now my S20+. Safe to say I won't ever buy a Samsung phone again.

  4. Saya pun mengalami hal yg sama, saya guna selama 5 bulan Samsung S20 Ultra, garansi tinggal 7 bulan, pada bulan yg lalu mengalami Green scren, saya biarkan selama 5 hari dalam keadaan hidup. Akhirnya pulih sendiri, tapi setelah itu saya kirim ke pihak servis swlama 1 minggu untuk mengecek sistemnya, sepulangnya dari pihak servis, 1 minggu kemudian HP mengalami problem hitam putih, saya cuba panaskan pakai Headlayer, akhirnya normal kembali sampai saat ini.

  5. Is there anyway of fixing this white screen problem without replacing the flex cable. Cant we just look for the defective components on the flex cable and replace it rather than replacing the whole cable which is quite expensive and laborious…

  6. I have the same problem with my S20 Ultra after 1 year of use. IF YOU'RE READING THIS: GET AWAY FROM SAMSUNG. This is also happening from Galaxy S10 to Galaxy S21 and will probably also happen to the S22. Samsung is loosing thousands of customers because of this including me, I'll never gonna buy a "Samsuck" again


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