comment reparer un telephone qui est tombé dans l’eau ?

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Dans cette vidéo de, j’explique comment réparer votre téléphone portable s’il est tombé dans l’eau. Ce …


comment reparer un ecran de telephone cassé ?

Blackview A85 Téléphone Portable Android 12 14Go+128Go 6.56″ HD+ 90Hz Smartphone


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  1. take all the main parts out of the fone eg the sim card battery ect and bloww dry it it worked for me and took me about 2 mins and i just dropped my fone in the shower

  2. @BeAnBeAn22 It was barely in the sun, it wasn't like baking in it. Yes, it was in the water for about 5 seconds, right when I came out of the water I ripped out the battery and dried off everything.

  3. @BeAnBeAn22 Mine is a slider phone, it's the new samsung strive. I didn't unscrew anything. I just took out the battery, memory card, and sim card. I slid the phone open and left it out in the sun while I was swimming. I took it home and put everything in a bowl of rice, and make it airtight. I kept the phone slid open when it's in the water…… Do you know of any way to speed up the drying process?!


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