comment reparer un telephone qui est tombé dans l’eau ?

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Dans cette vidéo de, j’explique comment réparer votre téléphone portable s’il est tombé dans l’eau. Ce …


comment reparer un ecran de telephone cassé ?

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  1. Take the batterie out and submerce ithe phone in 99% ( or 70% rubbing alcohol ) isopropyl alcohol. That alcohol mixes with the water and evaporate to totally dryness very fast. Warm it up in the sun for a few hours . Give it a charge , and it will work.

  2. this guy is a moron. you have to take the phone to a repair center where they disassemble the whole device clean out all the standing water and corrosion. dont trust this YOU WILL RUIN YOUR PHONE

  3. i wanted to test this rice theory out so i dropped my iphone in the toilet. Took it out, wiped the shit off of it and dropped it in a bowl of uncle bens pervert rice. Six months later i took it out and guess what?

  4. I droped my phone in the toilet lucky there wasn't anything but water in it but I got it out ASAP took it apart and dried it off then put it In rice and after a couple hours I took it out and it turned on but It wouldn't let me slide the screan up and so I turned it back off and took it apart well hours after that I turned it back on and it says emergency mode but don't turn on and I have a small little track phone

  5. i dropped my phone in the shower when i was listening to music and i took out the batteries and now it won't turn on I've been looking up what to do but I DONT HAVE RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I. Was running and i drop my phone forgot to pick it up and it. Wasnt all wet tho but it will let me turn it own but. It. wont. Charge. Or. It sayz no battery. What do i do help me

  7. I used brown rice and it didn't work well for me BUT I didn't know about the other techniques (i.e. removing the battery and SIM card; warming with blow dryer) so my results might have been different had I used the other two techniques. Also, I used brown rice, though I don't see why it wouldn't work as well as white rice.

  8. Ok so my phone ended up in the dishwasher it was probably in there for 30 minutes after I found out i took it out dried it off and put it into a bowl of rice for 3 days but I also turned it on and off a lot… Is there anyway I can fix it???

  9. someone…wash my phone. I left it dry for almost 2 days…but nothing happen…I AM DESPERATE TO RECOVER MY DOCUMENTS. I haven't used it for a bout 2 weeks…PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!

  10. I dropped my Galaxy s3 in a pan of paint. What felt like slow motion I went to grab it. I swear it was sinking like the Titanic. But I rescued it that time. Second time I messed that same phone up, spilled a glass of red wine on it. Next morning I tried to turn it on and everything on my screen was a neon blue color (the Verizon icon, app icons, back ground, everything was visible. It was just 50 shades of blue) Then gradually, starting on the left side that blue turned to shades of pink, and spread to the right, that pink faded til it was black and the screen never worked again. RIP

  11. if you just got it wet. take the battery and sim card out. submerge it in rubbing alcohol with the battery cover off for about an hour. take it out and hand dry it off. wrap it in a few napkins and then put that in a bag of rice for 24 hours. done.

    if the phone was wet and then dried previously you can resolve by taking the main board out and scrub it as well as all of its connectors with rubbing alcohol using an old toothbrush, then reassembling.


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